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How to Calculate Premiums Using Term Insurance Calculator

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Term insurance can be a great tool that can help you secure your family’s future. However, in order to ensure that you’re opting for the best term insurance for yourself, it’s important to calculate the premium amount that you would be required to pay. While this calculation might seem tricky at first, a term insurance calculator is a handy tool that can help you calculate your sum assured and premium in a few simple steps.

Term insurance calculator is specially designed to help you determine the monthly premium that you would have to pay towards your policy. This tool can be incredibly helpful especially if want to buy term life insurance.

What is Term Insurance Calculator?

A term insurance calculator helps you choose the best term insurance plans by determining your sum assured and premium amounts based on the details entered by you. The calculation takes place in three simple steps. At the end of the calculation, you also get several policy details that can help you decide whether a particular plan would fit your requirements and budget. There are several term insurance calculators available online which can help to make an informed choice while opting for a term insurance plan.

Different Types of Term Insurance Calculators

There are several insurance seekers with different needs. So, there are different calculators to cater these needs accordingly.

1. Term Insurance Plan Premium Calculator

This tool is used to calculate the premium towards the policy according to the age and requirements of the people.

2. Investment Plan Premium Calculator

This tool helps in understanding the growth projection and investment forecasts of your plan.

3. Pension Plan Premium Calculator

You can use this tool to calculate the amount you would need to lead a respectful life after your retirement.

4. Child Insurance Premium Calculator

This tool is specially designed to understand the financial needs of your child for further studies, marriage and several other expenses.

Benefits of Using Term Plan Calculator

  • Term life insurance calculator helps to save a lot of time
  • It makes the process simple
  • The results are accurate according to the figures entered at that point of time

You need to enter the following details into the term plan calculator. These details must be entered correctly as they can impact your premium amount as well as the sum assured.


Age plays a vital role while purchasing a premium policy. When a person is young, they get the advantage of a higher sum assured with pocket friendly premium. So, you must always start early in order to make the most of your term plan.


According to some studies, women tend to live longer than men. This is why, your gender plays an important role in determining your premium rates. Women are usually offered a lower premium rate than men.


The next detail that you need to enter on the term insurance calculator is your occupation. People involved in hazardous occupations might be charged a higher premium.

Other Policies

When a person has other policies the need of assured sum reduces. So, they get an opportunity to plan for a minimum sum. It is always advisable to give the details of previous policies for your results to be accurate. The policies may be with other companies or belong to other family members.


When a person has a good number of assets in their name managing finances can be slightly easier. Hence you must enter all the details of the assets you hold on the term life insurance calculator.


In order to lead a comfortable life, one needs certain long-term goals such as a house or a car. Most of us opt for an EMI or a loan for these needs, and that loan becomes a liability. Hence, you must use the term insurance calculator to get a clear idea on the premium and sum you would need after considering these liabilities.

A term insurance calculator is one of the handiest tools that can help you get your hands on the most suitable and cost-effective term insurance policies.


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Suggested Plans

Bharti AXA Life Flexi Term Pro

  • A Non-linked, Individual, Non-participating Pure Risk Premium Life Insurance policy
  • The plan offers two options: Without Return of Premium and With Return of Premium
  • Under the Without Return of Premium variant, you have the option between Single Life cover or Joint Life Cover i.e., cover for your spouse under the same policy.
  • Flexibility in policy and premium payment terms

Bharti AXA Life Saral Jeevan Bima Plan

  • Non-Linked Non-Participating term insurance plan
  • Double the sum Assured on death due to Accident
  • Flexibility to choose a policy term
  • No medical examinations• Ease of purchase as no lengthy underwriting procedures are involved.
  • Tax benefits