Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP), a market-linked product, combines insurance and investment. This allows you to reach your long-term goals while being protected.

The ULIP premium you pay is split between insurance and investment. The ULIP can help you grow your wealth by investing in several funds that provide long-term market-linked returns. It also protects you with insurance coverage for your family.

How does the ULIP Calculator Work?


Step 1

First, Kindly entered amount you would like to invest annually.


Step 2

Then, fill in all information requested by the ULIP calculator, including your age, gender.


Step 3

After submitting your personal information, you can select benefits and specified sum assured or the life insurance you wish to be included in the policy agreement.


Step 4

Specify the duration for which you would like the policy coverage to be valid for. This could range from 10 to 30 years, depending on your future plans.


Step 5

After you have entered all the information in the online ULIP calculator, click on the “Calculate Benefits” button. You will then be shown the benefits of the ULIP plan.

The Benefits of using a ULIP Calculator

Here are some benefits of using an online ULIP calculator now that you understand how it works.

Financial Planning


To help you plan your long-term financial goals, the ULIP investment calculator can be a valuable tool. Knowing the expected returns of your ULIP policy will help you plan and fulfil your financial obligations.

Easy of Choice


Using a ULIP calculator, you can choose the type of plan you want and select one of the available plans under that category. This allows you to choose the best ULIP plan for your needs rather than browsing through many plans.

Investment Tenure


Investors may not know how long it takes to earn the desired returns. The ULIP investment calculator provides better insight by displaying the expected returns based on many factors, including the investment period.

Quick & Convenient


Online ULIP calculator is an automated tool requiring only you to enter the required information to calculate the returns.

No fees/Expenses


ULIP calculators can be used online for free. There are no fees. To access the calculator, you can visit the official website of your insurance provider.

Make informed decisions


The ULIP calculator will help you make informed decisions about your investment tenure, investment amount, policy term, and policy choice.

Factors to Consider When Calculating ULIP Return

iconInsurance Requirements

Benefits are dependent on the plan type and premium amount.

iconYour Age

Age is a critical factor in your Ulip plan returns.


The benefits you receive can be affected by the duration of your coverage.

iconYour Gender

The premium amount is determined by gender.

iconOrder Online

Online policies usually have lower premiums because of the simplicity and ease associated with the policy’s dispensing to the customer.

Online ULIP Calculator FAQ's

How is a ULIP calculator valid for offline purchases?

You can buy ULIP plans online or offline. If you want to buy the ULIP plan offline, you must do so through an agent. You can still use the ULIP calculator to calculate the expected return on your investment.

How does a ULIP calculator work?

After analyzing various data points, such as tenure, premium and age, the ULIP calculator calculates an expected return. ULIPs can be subject to market risk. You can calculate the return and estimated investment amount using the online ULIP calculator.

Is ULIP a good investment option?

A ULIP policy is a policy that provides both insurance and investments. The ULIP policy provides life insurance but also offers market-linked returns. ULIP encourages saving regularly and is an excellent way to manage your long-term finances. ULIP insurance plans can be a great way to provide life coverage with wealth-creation benefits for loved ones and relatives.