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EMI Calculator

The EMI calculator is one of the most popular calculators which helps you find out the EMI of any loan that you avail. All you need to do is to enter the loan amount, repayment tenure and interest rate for finding the monthly EMI.

BMI Calculator

This is one of the most important and interesting calculators that you may not find anywhere else. BMI calculator helps you calculate your body mass index and help you keep a check on your health and fitness level.

Human Life Value Calculator

Human Life Value (HLV) calculator helps in identifying the amount you need as life insurance coverage based on your income, expenses on monthly basis, the liabilities you have such as EMIs, and the investments you have.

Life Insurance Plans FAQ's

Why is Bharti AXA Life giving me a lower life insurance cover as compared to other life insurance companies?

The Sum Assured is determined based on the customers income level along with the existing exposure on any insurance cover that the customer has. While applying for a cover some companies allow the person to apply for a higher cover & once all the actual details are disclosed, a counteroffer with lower Sum Assured is provided to the customer.

If a Bharti AXA Life Flexi Term policyholder is a resident of India & dies on his visit abroad, is he still entitled to receive the Sum Assured?

The customer must ensure he provides his travel details correctly under question number one in Lifestyle detail – “do you plan to live or travel outside India for more than 100 days?” Based on the details provided by the customer, the underwriter may allow or decline the policy. The Underwriting decision will be on case to case basis depending on the details provided.

What will be the difference if I take the policy from an aggregator?

There is no difference. Web aggregators just advertise the benefits of Bharti AXA Life products on their website. All applications for purchasing the policy are directly routed to the Bharti AXA Life website. A customer cannot directly purchase the policy from an aggregator.