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*Annual Audited Figures submitted to IRDAI FY 2020-21
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This is our 3-step claim process

3-step claim process

Claim Registration


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*Claims intimated through these modes will be considered as verbal intimation. Claim will be formally registered only when written intimation is received.


Claim Evaluation

  • Our claim specialist will assess the claim.
  • We will reach out via SMS, Call or letter in case we require any further information or documentation.
  • For all eligible ULIP contracts, Fund Value accrued under the policy is paid to the nominee within 48 Hours from receipt of claim intimation

Claim Settlement

  • We target to process all claims within 5 working day
  • However, if the claim requires an investigation, the regulator gives the insurer up to 4 months to make a claim decision.

Guaranteed death claim settlement in 1 working day*

At Bharti AXA Life Insurance, we have remained steadfast in keeping our promises. This has driven us to follow a ‘customer-first’ approach. We have always strived to make positive differences in the lives of our customers.

Therefore, apart from providing a stellar claim settlement ratio, we also ensure that we settle death claims within one working day.

*T & C

  • Applicable for Death Claims under Retail business.
  • The policy/policies have to be active for 3 continuous years.
  • All the mandatory documents have to be submitted at your preferred branch before 3 PM on a working day.
  • Day 1 would be counted from the day on which all pending documents are received.
  • The total claim amount of all the policies should be less than or equal to Rs 50 lakhs.
  • Claims guarantee program is applicable only for non-investigative death claims.
  • This guarantee is not applicable for the claims received during the first 6 days of the month.

Payment of interest on claim amount for delay of each day beyond 1 working day*

Delay in processing a death claim can be distressing for the beneficiary, especially if the policyholder who passed away was a breadwinner.

Despite our best efforts, if the nominee doesn’t receive the death claim on time, we compensate the beneficiary by paying interest on the claim amount for delay of each day beyond 1 working day.


What are the documents required, when submitting claim?

Your claim would fall within one of these categories. In all cases, our advisors are present to guide through the steps.

Death Claim

Register a claim in case of an unfortunate loss of a loved one.

Following are the list of documents that we will require to process a Death Claim

Mandatory Documents for all claims


  • Claimant’s Statement form for Individual claims
  • Copy of self attested Death Certificate issued by local Authority
  • Copy of Photo identity proof & Residence address proof of the nominee
  • Copy of Bank passbook of the nominee & personalized cancelled cheque

Additional Documents for non-accidental death

Additional Documents if death is due to accident/suicide/murder

  • Copy of FIR
  • Copy of Post Mortem Report
  • Original Policy Bond

Rider Claim

Register to claim Rider Benefits. Click to understand the process

Following are the list of documents we will require to process a claim under Critical Illness Rider, Triple Health Plan and Premium Waiver Benefit Rider.

Mandatory Documents for Rider Claim


Hospitalisation Claim

Register a claim in case of a medical emergency. Click to understand the process for Hospitalization claim

Following are the list of documents we will require to process a Hospitalisation Claim:

Mandatory Documents for  Hospitalisation Claim



Bharti AXA Life reserves the right to call for any additional information and documents required to satisfy itself as to the validity of the claim.



Group Death Claim

Register for Group Death Claim. Click to understand the process

Following are the list of documents that we will require to process a Death Claim

Mandatory Documents for Group Death claim


  • Death Claim Form dully filled and signed by Master Policy Holder and Nominee.
  • Copy of Death Certificate duly attested by Master Policy Holder
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Personalized cancelled cheque of the Nominee

Additional Documents if death is due to accident/suicide/murder

  • Copy of FIR
  • Copy of Post Mortem Report

Additional Documents for non-accidental death

  • Copy of Medico Legal Cause of Death certificate
  • Copy of Medical Records (Discharge / Death Summary, Admission notes, Test Reports including past medical records
  • Treating Doctor's Certificate

Following are the list of documents that we will require to process a Death Claim under PMJJBY (Pradhaan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana):

  • Death Claim Form dully filled and signed by the Nominee
  • Copy of Death Certificate
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Personalized cancelled cheque of the Nominee
  • Copy of KYC documents of the nominee (Photo ID and address proof)
Uploading Image

Upload Documents

Submission of Documentation and verification

Tips on how the claim process can be quick and seamless

We are committed to ensure a quick and seamless claim settlement experience for our customers. In case, you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on service@bhartiaxa.com or toll free number on 1800-102-4444

Here are a few handy tips for policyholders and beneficiaries

Policyholder –

  • Always share accurate details about your personal information with your insurer
  • If you pursue any activity which can be considered risky (Example – Smoking, Dangerous sports etc), then disclose the same to your insurer
  • Share the details of the insurance plan with the beneficiary. In case the beneficiary (or nominee) is a minor, then keep a trustworthy adult informed as well.
  • If you make any changes to your policy, then keep the beneficiary informed
  • Educate your loved ones about the steps to follow while filing for a claim in case of an unfortunate event or accident
  • Always pay your insurance premiums before the due date
Claim Process

Answering your queries

Under what circumstances will my claim not be settled?

The Policy shall be void if the Life Insured, within one year of the Issue Date; or from one year of the date of the latest Revival of the Policy; whether sane or insane, commits suicide, directly or indirectly, that results in the death of the insured person. In the above cases, no benefits shall be payable. For detailed Terms & conditions, please refer Policy Bond.

What's the claim settlement ratio and the reasons for claim repudiation?

Claim Settlement ratio is the ratio of Claims Settled against claims reported during the year. For detailed information, please refer https://www.bhartiaxa.com/public-disclosure (Form 39 & 40); some of the reasons for claim repudiation are as listed below

  • Disclosure of medical adversities
  • Incorrect disclosure of Age
  • Incorrect disclosure of occupation/income
  • Non –disclosure of previous insurance
  • Fraud

Please note: The above-mentioned list is only indicative and not an exhaustive list.

In case my policy is not issued, in how many days will I get my refund?

In case of decline/ postponement decision on the policy, the refund amount will be settled in 10 working days.

To help your loved ones with

Grief Support Program Online

Emotional Counselling

The experience of losing a loved one is always life shattering, picking up the pieces and continuing with life sometimes can be extremely difficult. While your family and friends do offer comfort, getting professional emotional counselling can prove to be very helpful in dealing with depression and the grief. We offer the benefits of trained professional counsellors that can help you cope with the situation. You can opt for face to face counselling sessions to help you in solving stress, anxiety, transition, parenting and so on.

Financial Planning

Losing a family member is irreplaceable, and often leaves you in a dilemma on how to proceed further when it comes to your future goals With the help of Grief Support Program, you can talk to a Certified Financial Planner over a phone call, who will help you plan your future goals.

Second Opinion on Will

Sometimes, dealing with death becomes more painful because you also need to cope with the legal issues that might come with it. Distribution of property or wealth may be the last thing on your mind, but you must face it. The Grief Support program offers the assistance of a certified legal practitioner who will provide a second opinion on executed wills. Remember, help is just a phone call away.


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