Why is Bharti AXA Life giving me a lower life insurance cover as compared to other life insurance companies?

The Sum Assured is determined based on the customers income level along with the existing exposure on any insurance cover that the customer has. While applying for a cover some companies allow the person to apply for a higher cover & once all the actual details are disclosed, a counteroffer with lower Sum Assured is provided to the customer.

If a Bharti AXA Life Flexi Term policyholder is a resident of India & dies on his visit abroad, is he still entitled to receive the Sum Assured?

The customer must ensure he provides his travel details correctly under question number one in Lifestyle detail – “do you plan to live or travel outside India for more than 100 days?” Based on the details provided by the customer, the underwriter may allow or decline the policy. The Underwriting decision will be on case to case basis depending on the details provided.

What will be the difference if I take the policy from an aggregator?

There is no difference. Web aggregators just advertise the benefits of Bharti AXA Life products on their website. All applications for purchasing the policy are directly routed to the Bharti AXA Life website. A customer cannot directly purchase the policy from an aggregator.

In case I have an existing term plan cover with another company can I still purchase Bharti AXA Life Flexi Term?

The customer must disclose his income details & his existing insurance cover details in corresponding sections while applying for the cover under Bharti AXA Life Flexi Term. Based on underwriting decision, the customer's request for the cover will either be declined or accepted at the reduced cover (counteroffer).

What is MWPA?

Married Women Property Act, 1874 (MWPA) is where a husband has taken a life insurance policy and stated it to be for the benefit of the either his wife or children or both. Such a policy shall be deemed to be a trust for the benefit of the wife, children or both as stated and cannot be utilised either by the husband or his creditors nor form a part of his estate. In such policy, where expressly mentioned, all the benefits arising out of the same are identified and treated as his separate property.

Is there an alternative document that I can share in case I don`t have my income proof?

No, Bank statement cannot be considered as income proof for term plan i.e. Bharti AXA Life Flexi Term.

Can I get a copy of my medical test reports?

Yes, you can get a copy of the medical report except for the FMR (Full Medical Report). As FMR is not shared as per company guidelines.

What is Key Man Insurance and is it provided with Bharti AXA Life Flexi Term?

Key man insurance is a type of insurance where partnership/Pvt. Ltd companies etc. nominate one individual who may be the partner/ director/ majority shareholder to be the life insured covered for liability exposure of such institutions.

Bharti AXA Life Flexi Term is a pure term policy that can be bought by an individual only and therefore Key Man Insurance is not provided in Bharti AXA Life Flexi Term.

Where can I get the list of the diagnostic / medical centre?

The list is available with the medical service provider. When a customer receives a call for the arranging the medicals, they are given location options of a medical centre nearest and most convenient to them.

What are the "causes of death" that are excluded under the Flexi Term policy?

First year suicide is excluded.

I am a self-employed person; I do not work for any organisation?

Please enter your Proprietorship/ Partnership & provide us the number of years for which you are active in your business. Giving correct details is very important.

Why is my smoking status required? I am not a habitual smoker?

The product offers special rates for a non-smoking person. Even if you are not a regular smoker or a casual smoker, please select the 'Smoker' status only.

I want all my correspondence to come at my office; I do not want to be disturbed at my home?

We request you to provide your correspondence address, permanent address & office address to help us contact you better. In case your correspondence address & permanent address are same, please tick the box "Same as above".

What is meant by Physical Copy?

In case you wish to receive your application form by courier in a hard copy; you need to select this option – Physical Copy. We will send a PDF on your listed email ID & also along with the policy kit once we confirm your application with the company.

Why is PAN number required? I have lost my PAN Card? My PAN card is not yet issued.

Correct PAN number is a mandatory requirement for all online applications.

What do I do if I want to nominate my children (minor)/ multiple nominees?

In case the nominee is a Minor; we will require the appointee details as well. In case you want to have multiple nominees, we suggest you get in touch with our servicing department & they will include the additional nominations at the servicing stage.

I plan to go on a Europe tour for 90 days with my family? Will this question apply to me?

You need to confirm if you are planning to travel outside India for more than 100 days

I regularly take part in mountaineering & rock climbing activity in an indoor setup? Do I need to answer yes?

It is advised to answer yes. Our underwriters will contact you for additional details.

I am a Social Drinker?

Please select 'Yes' & provide details on the number of glasses of specific alcohol consumed per week.


Under what circumstances will my claim not be settled?

The Policy shall be void if the Life Insured, within one year of the Issue Date; or from one year of the date of the latest Revival of the Policy; whether sane or insane, commits suicide, directly or indirectly, that results in the death of the insured person. In the above cases, no benefits shall be payable. For detailed Terms & conditions, please refer Policy Bond.

What's the claim settlement ratio and the reasons for claim repudiation?

Claim Settlement ratio is the ratio of Claims Settled against claims reported during the year. For detailed information, please refer https://www.bhartiaxa.com/public-disclosure (Form 39 & 40); some of the reasons for claim repudiation are as listed below

  • Disclosure of medical adversities
  • Incorrect disclosure of Age
  • Incorrect disclosure of occupation/income
  • Non –disclosure of previous insurance
  • Fraud

Please note: The above-mentioned list is only indicative and not an exhaustive list.

In case my policy is not issued, in how many days will I get my refund?

In case of decline/ postponement decision on the policy, the refund amount will be settled in 10 working days.

In case the renewal premium is not paid and the Flexi Term policy holder is no more, will the claim still be settled?

If the policy is in lapse state, no claim will be payable. The customer has the option to reinstate the policy as per the contract provisions.

Pay Premium

In case the policy renewal premium is paid after the due date & grace period, will there be any extra charges that will have to be paid?

If the policy is lapsed, then the customer will have to pay the rate of interest at 8% on overdue premiums.

Points to remember:

Threshold limit is set as 90 days i.e. Interest will not be calculated on the overdue premium within 90 days. Interest is calculated on total number of days elapsed, which is factored on pro rata basis as "No. of days/ 365".

Manage Policy

Why do I need to provide my Mobile Number – I have registered for DND & don`t want to receive any calls?

Accurate mobile number is necessary for all our future communications. This includes pre and post login communication.

How do I know my ideal Sum Assured?

The ideal income for your chosen Sum Assured is shown in the premium box. Depending on your income status you can either increase or decrease your Sum Assured.

I am an existing Customer of Bharti AXA Life, but do not have my accurate policy number with me?

You should always declare all your existing policies (with all the companies). Even if you have missed out on it while filling up the form, please ensure that you communicate this to us at the earliest.

I do not have my policy details readily available with me either for Bharti AXA or for any other Insurance Company.

We suggest you save the data entered till now & collect the information requested for completing this information. Any non-disclosure can have a direct impact on your application.

I am a non-resident Indian (NRI)/ Person of Indian Origin (PIO), Can I buy Flexi Term Plan?

Flexi Term Plan is available only for residents of India. We have other plans which can be purchased through our advisors for NRIs & PIOs.