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Human Life Value Calculator

While no money is enough money, if you think so, and even a penny can do wonders if you believe so, in real life, money is pivotal to livelihood. This is why it is important to understand how much money is required to maintain a particular lifestyle or grow after the demise of earning member of any family. Here HLV calculator can help you to find out the right amount that your loved ones can require if you are no longer with them. While it is not possible to measure loved ones’ value in terms of money, for the sake of the life of the family and those who are left behind, it is important so that they do not break down financially.

Thus, in this article, you will read about the HLV calculator online in details and the following will be covered in this article -

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What is Human Life Value Calculator?

The Human Life Value calculator calculates the amount that an individual or family would require to live if the main earning member passes away. It is basically for calculating the present value of the future cost of living. The HLV calculator takes into account the income and expenses of the future, liabilities and investments and then discounts them to find the present value of the same.

Improtance of HLV Calculator

How is Human Life Value Important?

Every individual needs money for living life. If a family is dependent on a single person, then the entire cost of living of the family is borne by that person. Now in case that person due to some reason unfortunately passes away, then the whole family has to suffer as the source of income closes.

However, to avoid such a scenario and even if there are multiple earning members in a family, having financial support is mandatory. With the help of this HLV calculator, you can easily find out the cost of living for the future of your loved ones and start investing, and take up insurance plans which can help the family to survive and maintain their present lifestyle.

Once using the HLV calculator, you know the amount you need to insure for your family, then you can buy a term insurance plan having the amount you have derived as the sum assured. This will help you have an inflation-adjusted corpus to use in the future.

How to Calculate Human Life Value?

To calculate Human life Value, you need to enter the following details in the first place –

Human Life Value - Expense replacement method
Human Life Value - Income replacement method

If you need to calculate Human life value manually, then you need to first sum up all your income, and then deduct the expenses you have monthly. Now, also add up the savings you have and deduct the liabilities. Now, determine the number of years which are left for you to earn. Then find the factor for discounting these values you have found.

Now multiply the annual income that you have derived and then multiply it by the years left for retirement. Then you get the amount you need to have term insurance for. So, it is quite a job to determine this value and thus, it is easy to calculate it with the help of the HLV calculator.

Bharti AXA Life Guaranteed Wealth Pro
Invest Rs. 5,000#/Month for 10 years | Get Rs. 14,39,764^

How Much Life Insurance Cover do you Need?

HLV Life Coverage

Life insurance coverage varies from one person to another. It depends on the lifestyle of the person and the family. Suppose you and your friend are buying an insurance plan and your monthly expense is Rs. 50000 while your friend has Rs. 30000 while the income of both the family is the same and both friends earn the same. The future financial goals are also different and thus this will change the entire human life value. So, there is not a single figure which one can use, it is specific to each individual and the family.

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Frequently Asked Questions about HLV

How to access Human Life Value Calculator?

You can you BhartiAxa HLC calculator online anytime to derive the right value of insurance that you should get.

When can I calculate my human life value cover?

There is no particular age for calculating your life value however, it changes with age. So, you need to enter a particular age for getting the right value of insurance that you need to buy.

Can I check insurance coverage for different people?

Yes, you can check the coverage for a different person by entering their details individually.


*For 30 Year Old Male, Endowment Plan Option, online purchase of policy excluding underwriting extra premium & GST.