Bharti AXA Life
Income Laabh

Invest with  Income Laabh that offers life insurance coverage with an opportunity to save for your future
Invest ₹5,074#/Month for 10 years
Get ₹10,24,163^

(UIN: 130N122V01)(ADVT No. II-Sept-2023-5008)
A Non-Linked, Non-Participating, Life Insurance, Individual, Savings Product


Why you should go for Bharti AXA Life Income Laabh?

Bharti AXA Life Income Laabh provides life insurance coverage; a regular stream of income along with a lumpsum payout to help you achieve your dreams while ensuring the financial security of your loved ones. The product is designed to protect your family’s future, even in your absence, while empowering you to secure your financial obligations and achieve your dreams.

  • Assured Protection: Bharti AXA Life Income Laabh offers life cover throughout the policy term.
  • Guaranteed Income: The plan offers the option to earn guaranteed income for 10 or12 years depending on your needs.
  • Increased Income Benefit: Bharti AXA Life Income Laabh offers increased income benefit after 5 or 6 years depending on the policy term option chosen.
  • Guaranteed Lumpsum Benefit: The plan also provides a guaranteed lumpsum benefit in the last year of the income payout period.
  • Flexibility: If you choose Bharti AXA Life Income Laabh you can benefit of choosing your premium payment term or policy term as per your need.
  • Tax Benefits: You may be eligible for tax benefits on the premiums paid as well as the benefits received subject to the prevailing tax laws. However, the tax benefits are subject to change as per change in tax laws from time to time.

Key Benefits

Assured Protection

Guaranteed Income Benefit

Increased Income Benefit

Flexibility to choose Policy Term and Premium Payment Term

Enhanced Coverage through optional Riders

Tax Benefits

How Does the Plan Exactly Work?

Bharti AXA Life Income Laabh is a non-linked, non-participating, life insurance, individual savings plan designed to protect your family’s future, even in your absence, while empowering you to secure your financial obligations and to achieve your dreams.


Siddharth is 35 years old and is looking for opportunities to save for his future. He evaluated multiple financial instruments such as debt funds, fixed deposits, mutual funds and insurance based on their likelihood of guaranteed & safe returns, financial security as well as tax benefits. Considering the benefits offered by each instrument, he decided to save for his future with a life insurance policy which offers all three benefits of guaranteed returns, financial security for his family through inbuilt death benefit along with the tax benefits that he was looking for.



  • Annual Premium: Rs. 1 Lac (exclusive of taxes, rider premiums, underwriting extra premiums)

  • Premium Payment Term: 12 Years

  • Policy Term: 13 Years

  • Income Period: 13th year (end of period) till the 24th year (end of period)


Case I (Survival till policy maturity):

Siddharth pays the premiums for the entire duration of the premium payment term that is, 12 years.
On survival till end of the policy term, that is 13th policy year and provided all premiums have been paid, income would be paid out for the duration of the income period.


Total Premium Paid INR


Benefits Payable

Benefit Amount INR

Guaranteed Income (p.a.) for the first 6 years


Guaranteed Income (p.a.) for the next 6 years


Guaranteed Lumpsum Benefit


Total Benefits paid to the customer (Rs.)



Case II (Death during Policy Term):

In the example above, in case of Siddharth’s death during the policy term in the 4th year, his family would receive death benefit of Rs. 10,50,000 immediately on death.


Case III (Death after Policy Term and during Income Period):

In case Siddharth dies after the policy term, his nominee shall continue receiving Income as per Income payout frequency and benefit option chosen till the end of the payout period.
The nominee shall have an option to receive the future income as a lump sum, which shall be the present value of future payouts, discounted at a rate which is computed using the prevailing interest rates.

The above example is for offline illustration purpose only.

Make your plan with ease

Pick a plan option

Choose one of the options, as per your financial goals.

10 Years

Policy term is of 11 years.

12 Years

Policy term is of 13 years.

10 Years

Policy term is of 11 years.

12 Years

Policy term is of 13 years.

Now, add a rider

For added protection, the following riders can be availed by paying additional premium along with Bharti AXA Life Income Laabh.

Bharti AXA Life Term Rider (UIN: 130B009V02):

Under this rider the policyholder can increase the life insurance coverage for a nominal premium.

Bharti AXA Life Hospi Cash Rider (UIN: 130B007V04):

This rider allows payment of a fixed benefit for each day of hospitalization subject to maximum of 40 days per year and also provides lump sum benefit in case of surgery.

Bharti AXA Life Premium Waiver Rider (UIN: 130B005V04):

Under this rider, in case the Life Insured is diagnosed from any of the 11 critical illnesses covered under the rider, the future premiums are waived off and the benefits under the policy will continue.

Bharti AXA Life Non Linked Complete Shield Rider (UIN: 130B011V01):

Receive additional sum assured chosen under the rider in case of happening of a covered event.

Your Questions Answered

How do I know my ideal Sum Assured?

The ideal income for your chosen Sum Assured is shown in the premium box. Depending on your income status you can either increase or decrease your Sum Assured.

What will be the difference if I take the policy from an aggregator?

There is no difference. Web aggregators just advertise the benefits of Bharti AXA Life products on their website. All applications for purchasing the policy are directly routed to the Bharti AXA Life website. A customer cannot directly purchase the policy from an aggregator.

I do not have my policy details readily available with me either for Bharti AXA or for any other Insurance Company.

We suggest you save the data entered till now & collect the information requested for completing this information. Any non-disclosure can have a direct impact on your application.

Insurance Jargon Explained

Sum Assured

Sum assured is the amount that an insurer agrees to pay on the occurrence of a stated contingency (eg: Death).

Maturity Benefit

It is the amount which the insurance company pays to the policy holder on the completion of the Policy Term, if the Life Insured has survived the entire duration of the Policy. This amount includes the guaranteed sum of money called as Sum Assured on Maturity and also the Accrued Bonuses, if applicable.


The amount of protection provided to the Policyholder on the basis of premium amount and the terms of the policy.


A provision attached to a policy that adds benefits not available in the original policy or that changes the original policy.

Riders help the Policyholder in enhancing the insurance product to meet specific needs by adding protection benefits to the basic Insurance Plan at a lower additional cost. For example, Bharti AXA Life Hospi cash rider provides fixed per day cash benefit to the Policyholder for each day of hospitalisation, thus providing benefits of a health plan along with base Life Insurance plan.

#Assuming the values shown are for male aged 25 years.

^ Get guaranteed income of Rs 58,524 per annum from end of year 11 to end of year 15.

Get guaranteed income of Rs 87,785 per annum from end of year 16 to end of year 20.

Further, get guaranteed Lumpsum Benefit of Rs. 2,92,618 at the beginning of year 21.

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

*Guaranteed- Subject to Survival of the Life Insured, the Policy is in force and all due premiums have been paid.