Bharti AXA Life Super Series

(ADVT NO:II-Dec-2019-2009)

A plan that offers a lump sum payout at the end of the premium payment term followed by increasing guaranteed payouts until Maturity and a lump sum payout at Maturity.

4 Reasons to Buy

  • A choice between the Super 6 and Super 10 option depending on desired investment term and returns. With the Super 6 option you pay premiums for 6 years and with the Super 10 option, you pay premiums for 10 years. The duration of Guaranteed Money Back Benefits will also be 6 years and 10 years respectively for Super 6 and Super 10 options. You get 270% of ‘Sum Assured on Maturity’ for Super 6 option and 396% of ‘Sum Assured on Maturity’ for Super 10 option as total guaranteed benefits.
  • Get cash pay-outs every year from the end of the premium payment term till policy maturity. Once your premium payment term comes to an end, you receive a lump sum cash pay-out of 50% of the 'Sum Assured on Maturity'. This is followed by cash pay-outs of 12% of the 'Sum Assured on Maturity' in the following year and keeps increasing by 3% for all subsequent annual pay-outs henceforth.
  • Receive Maturity benefit along with a Guaranteed Maturity Addition Upon Maturity, you will receive 'Sum Assured on Maturity'. This sum of money can help for make important payments for weddings, education etc., provided the policy is in-force at the time of maturity. You will also be eligible for an additional 30% of 'Sum Assured on Maturity' as Guaranteed Maturity Addition as a reward for staying invested in the Policy for the entire Policy term.
  • Enjoy Tax Benefits on the Premiums paid and benefits received. The tax benefits fall under Section 80C and Section 10 (10D) respectively of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The tax benefits are subject to change as per change in Tax laws from time to time.


Bharti Axa

Plan Details

How it works?

Let’s take a look at this case study

35 year old Sahil chooses our Bharti AXA Life Super Series with the Super 10 option. The Premium Payment Term is 10 years and Policy Term is 20 years for a Sum Assured of Rs. 2,00,000. He starts paying Rs. 48,598 as the annualised premium each year.

  • Sahil Starts paying an annual premium of ₹ 48,598


  • He finishes paying the annual premiums and receives a  lump sum amount of ₹ 1,00,000 as a pay out at the end of the year


  • Starts receiving guaranteed payouts increasing from ₹ 24,000 in the 11th year to₹ 72,000 in the 19th year, for 9 years, totalling to ₹  4,32,000


  • He receives a guaranteed pay out of  ₹ 2,60,000 END OF


Sad Demise

In case something unfortunate were to happen to Sahil during the Policy Term, a Life Insurance benefit of Rs. 7,28,970 will be paid to help support the family and fulfil their goals.

Parameter Eligibility Criteria
Super Series Option Super 6 Super 10
Policy term 12 years 20 Years
Premium Payment Term 6 Years 10 Years
Minimum age at entry (age last birthday) 6 Years 0 Years
Maximum age at entry (age last birthday) 63 Years 60 Years
Minimum Annualized Premium (excluding any underwriting extra) Rs. 18,000 Rs. 15,000
Minimum 'Sum Assured on Maturity' Depends on the Minimum Premium
Premium Payment Modes Annual, Semi-annual, Quarterly*, Monthly*

* Through Auto Pay only