Bharti AXA Life Monthly Advantage

(ADVT NO:II-Jul-2022-4086)

A plan that gives you the flexibility to choose your Policy Term and Premium Payment Term from 3 options. It makes sure you receive a steady stream of monthly income without staying invested in the plan for a very long time.

*Life Insurance coverage is available under this product.

4 Reasons to Buy

  • Receive Guaranteed* Monthly Income on survival/any untoward event like disability or death Start receiving guaranteed Monthly income after the completion of the Premium payment term, until Maturity, provided the policy is still in force. You have the flexibility to choose the Monthly income you wish to receive, which decides your Premium amount. * Monthly Income is guaranteed subject to policy being in force and all due premiums being paid.
  • Non-Guaranteed Simple Annual Reversionary Bonuses (if declared) get accrued to the policy from the end of 1st policy year and get paid out on Maturity, Death or Accidental Total Permanent Disability. You may also receive Non-Guaranteed terminal bonus (if declared).
  • Enjoy Tax Benefits on the Premiums paid and benefits received. The tax benefits are subject to change as per change in Tax laws from time to time.
  • An ideal plan for receiving additional income To meet all your needs and goals at different milestones.

Plan Details

How it works?

Let’s take a look at this case study

35 year old Advait, works with an MNC, while his homemaker wife takes care of their 5 year old daughter. He wishes to secure his family's future by making a provision for monthly income, in case something unfortunate were to happen to him. So he chooses our Bharti AXA Life Monthly Advantage for 16 years with a Sum Assured of ₹ 2,50,000. He invests ₹ 37,405 for 8 years to receive a steady flow of monthly income.

  • Starts paying ₹ 37,405 (without Service Tax) for the next 8 years


  • He finishes paying annual premiums


  • In case of survival, he and his family will receive a monthly income of ₹  3,429 until maturity for the next 8 years


  • At an assumed 8%* rate of return, he receives ₹  1,49,600(Accrued Non-guaranteed bonuses) on maturity 
    At an assumed 4%* rate of return, ₹  19,800 (Accrued Non-guaranteed bonuses) on maturity


Disclaimer: *4% and 8% rates are used only for illustration purposes and are not guaranteed. 
*The Gross rate of return shown above is the return earned on the participating fund of the company

Sad Demise

In case of Advait’s demise, his family will receive a monthly income of ₹ 5,260 for 8 years and accrued bonus.

Parameter Eligibility Criteria
Minimum age at entry 6 years for 12 years policy term
2 years for 16 years policy term 
91 days for 24 years policy term
(The risk coverage will start immediately on policy commencement for all lives including minors)

In case of the life insured being a minor at the time of policy issuance, the ownership of the policy will vest in the life insured on attainment of age 18 years, age last birthday.
Maximum age at entry 65 years for 12 & 16 years policy term
60 years for 24 years policy term
Maximum Maturity Age 77 years for 12 years policy term
81 years for 16 years policy term 
84 years for 24 years policy term
Minimum Monthly Income Rs 928 for 12 years policy term
Rs 642 for 16 years policy term
Rs 370 for 24 years policy term
Minimum Sum Assured Rs. 50,000 for all policy terms
Minimum Premium Rs 10,600 for 12 year policy term
Rs 7,000 for 16 year policy term
Rs 3,700 for 24 year policy term
Policy Term 12, 16 and 24 years
Premium Payment Term 6, 8 and 12 years for 12, 16 and 24 years policy term respectively
Premium Payment Modes Annual, Semi Annual, Quarterly* & Monthly*

* Through ECS only