Bharti AXA Life Dhan Varsha

(ADVT NO:II-Dec-2019-1999)

A traditional non linked participating plan that offers you Non-Guaranteed Cash Bonuses from the 7th year, Guaranteed* Survival Benefits from the 10th year onwards, as well as a lump sum at the end of the Policy Term. All these while protecting your family's future.

4 Reasons to Buy

  • Flexible Premium Paying Terms
  • Annual benefits in the form of Non Guaranteed cash bonuses and Guaranteed* Survival Benefits payable during the Policy Term.
  • Option for benefits to continue even after the death of the life insured(when Premium Waiver Rider is opted)
  • 100% of the sum assured payable as maturity benefit

*Survival Benefit guaranteed subject to the policy being in force and all due premiums being paid

Bharti Axa

Plan Details

How it works?

Let’s take a look at this case study

Aditya is a healthy 30 year old. He is working with an MNC and has recently got married. He is looking at investing in a life insurance product because he wants a plan that will not only help him build his assets but will also help in providing protection to his wife and in time his family, in case something unfortunate were to happen to him.

He purchases a policy of Bharti AXA Life Dhan Varsha, and selects a Policy Term of 25 years. He chooses to Premium Payment Term of 15 years. His Sum Assured under the plan is Rs. 1,085,069

  • He chooses to pay an annual premium of ₹ 100,000 for a PPT of 15 years.


  • He starts receiving Non-Guaranteed Cash Bonuses from the end of the 7th year which would be ₹ 5,425 p.a. at 4%#or ₹ 50,456 p.a. at 8%#.


  • He receives Guaranteed* Survival Benefits of ₹ 65,104 p.a.from the end of the 10th year.


  • He finishes paying the premiums.


  • He receives the Sum Assured on Maturity of ₹ 1,085,069


Disclaimer: # 4% and 8% rates are used only for illustration purposes and are not guaranteed. The values represented with 4% & 8% are not the upper or lower limits of what one can expect from this policy, as it is dependent on number of factors including investment performance

Sad Demise

In case of unfortunate event of Death, Death benefit paid out will be the higher of Sum Assured on Death or 105% of Premiums paid till date of Death.

Parameter Eligibility Criteria
Minimum Age# at entry 91 days
Maximum Age# at entry 55 years for Policy Term of 20 years
50 years for Policy Term of 25 years
Maximum Age# at Maturity entry 75 years
Premium Payment Term & Policy Terrm
10 years Premium Payment Term for 20 years Policy Term
15 years Premium Payment Term for 25 years Policy Term
Minimum Sum Assured (₹) ₹ 25,000
Maximum Sum Assured (₹) No Limit, subject to underwriting
Minimum Premium (₹)
₹ 3443 for Policy Term of 20 years
₹ 2515 for Policy Term of 25 years
Premium Payment Modes Annual, semi- annual, quarterly* & monthly*

* Through auto pay only
# - Age last birthday