Bharti AXA Life
Unit Linked Employee Benefits Plan

A Non-Participating Group Life Insurance Plan

(UIN: 130L074V02)(ADVT No. II-Dec-2019-2013)
A Non-Participating Group Life Insurance Plan


Why Choose Bharti AXA Life Unit Linked Employee Benefits Plan?

A simple, low cost, one-year renewable group term product designed for co-operatives, institutions and NGO’s operating in rural and social sectors.

  • Multiple Fund Options

    Multiple fund options with fund management charge of only 0.55% p.a. The plan lets you choose from 4 fund options with different risk-return potential and option to switch between those Funds depending on your investment strategy without incurring any charges for switch.

  • Separate Funds for Gratuity and Leave Encashment Benefits

    Get an opportunity to set up a separate fund for gratuity and leave encashment benefit.

  • Possible Loyalty Additions

    If the Policy is in force, Loyalty Additions will be credited to the Policy on each Policy Anniversary and will accrue at the beginning of the Policy Year.

  • Life Insurance Cover

    A life insurance cover of ₹ 5,000 for all members under Leave Encashment and Gratuity will be payable to the beneficiary in case of unfortunate death.

Key Benefits

Multiple Fund Options

Life Insurance Cover

Gratuity Benefit

Leave Encashment Benefit

Possible Loyalty Additions

Tax Benefits**

How does the Plan Work?





Premium / Contribution per scheme* (in INR)

₹ 1,00,000

No Limit

Age at Entry (Age Last Birthday)

18 years

79 years

Maximum Age at Maturity (Age Last Birthday)

80 years

Policy Term

One Year Renewable

Sum Assured

Flat Sum Assured of INR 5,000 for all members

Number of Members


No Limit

*The premium / contribution shall be as per the Actuary's certificate in accordance with AS 15 (Revised) only.

Insurance Jargon Explained

Death Benefit

The payment made to a beneficiary upon the death of the insured person.

-- Whenever an unfortunate event happens, there is both emotional as well as financial loss. An insurance company helps you replace the financial/monetary loss through the Death Benefit, which helps maintain your family’s financial stability. This benefit includes both a guaranteed sum of money called as Sum Assured on Death and also the Accrued Bonuses, if applicable.

Group Insurance

Insurance covering a number of people under a single policy, issued to their employer with whom they are working.

Survival Benefit

The payment of sum assured to the insured person which becomes due in instalments under a money back policy.

Sum Assured

Sum assured is the amount that an insurer agrees to pay on the occurrence of a stated contingency (eg: Death).

**Tax benefits are in accordance to the current tax laws that are subject to change from time to time.