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Change Payment Mode

If you ever feel the need to change your chosen mode of payment, we can help you do that, simply fulfil a few requirements.

For change in the Mode of Payment, the policy holder needs to submit a duly filled and signed Policy Service Request Form at any of our branch location.

In addition, the policy holder needs to submit any one of the following documents (as applicable) in case he/ she opts for Auto Debit methods (ECS and Standing Instructions to Credit Card).


Duly filled and signed ECS/ Direct Debit Mandate form PDF(405 KB) and original cancelled cheque is required.

Points to remember
  • Mode change request should be received at least 15 days before the premium due date
  • For instances where the mode needs to be changed to monthly, submitting ECS/Direct Debit Mandate/ Credit Card Authorisation form along with the request is mandatory.