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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Term Insurance?

Understand Different Term insurance Benefits and Drawbacks

Term insurance is one of the most important life-saving investments a prudent individual can make. Although there are other ways to invest, term insurance policies are different. To put it simply, this is an ideal solution if you want to safeguard your family in your absence. Why would someone think about buying a term insurance policy? Is having a term insurance coverage beneficial? This is a pretty prevalent form of scepticism that anyone can come across.

The main reason for this question is because term plans do not generate financial returns or benefits; nonetheless, the policyholder's family or nominee may benefit after his or her death.

According to studies, term insurance is more powerful among racial/ethnic minorities and persons with health issues, who stand to gain the most. Although there are a variety of plans available to offer you with income during your lifetime, they are ineffectual in providing financial stability to your family when you pass away. The best term insurance plans, on the other hand, will be a wonderful alternative to consider if you actually want to safeguard your family financially and not let them down in any way.

An Understanding of Whether Term Insurance Plans Are Beneficial and Effective

Only after a comprehensive investigation of numerous conditions can this issue be addressed. However, how a person intends to implement the method will decide the benefits or negatives. The benefits of term insurance plans are numerous, but the drawbacks may have you wondering, "Why should I choose a term plan?". To get a correct answer to these queries and opt for the ideal term insurance plan, you must first identify the positives and negatives of each plan. Almost all term insurance policies, regardless of insurer, will have nearly identical features and benefits. Taking a broad view of things will undoubtedly offer you with a clear picture. Let's start by going over the above-mentioned term insurance benefits in depth. Here’s are the pros :

1. Attractive Premiums for a Large Sum Assured

Term insurance is a simple insurance policy. The low cost of term insurance is one of the top pros. When compared to other types of life insurance, term insurance offers a low premium that you can pay. Another significant benefit of term insurance plans is that the premiums are reduced the earlier you purchase it. Moreover, purchasing term insurance online may result in a lower price than purchasing it offline. In other words, the cost savings made by the insurer are passed on to you as one of the benefits of term insurance. You may also quickly check the benefits of term insurance online.

2. Easy to Comprehend

You may find it difficult to understand the insurance-specific phrases used in various life insurance policies while acquiring a policy. One of the most appealing aspects of term insurance policies is that they are simple to comprehend. Term insurance plans does not include an investing component because it is a pure life insurance policy. You pay the premiums, and the insurer provides the term insurance benefits, which cover your life for a specific period of time.

3. Variety Of Options to Get a Death Benefit Payment

You could be making payments on an EMI for a new home, a car, or a personal loan. Your family members may be responsible for your financial obligations while you are away. Term insurance's multiple pay-out options come into play here. Your dependents may get a lump sum pay-out in the event of your untimely death to help them manage the aforementioned financial commitments. Some term insurance plans also allow you to receive a monthly income in addition to the lump sum death pay-out, depending on the terms of the policy. With this monthly income, your family may find it easier to manage ordinary bills.

4. Additions to the Policy to Strengthen It

Riders are optional extras that you can add to your term insurance plan to augment the basic benefits. These riders can be added to your term insurance policy to enhance your basic coverage spectrum. However, please note that riders are not mandatory and are available at an additional cost.

5. Income Tax Benefits

Term insurance plans may come with tax advantages. While the premiums you pay for term insurance are tax deductible, the pay-outs are likewise exempt from taxes under current tax legislation. The tax benefits are as per Income tax Act, 1961, and subject to change from time to time.

6. Coverage for Critical Illness

Critical illnesses can strike at any time in your life, and the cost of treatment might wipe out all of your savings. Although term insurance policies' primary advantages are solely life insurance, you can add critical illness coverage by purchasing add-ons/riders. This coverage allows you to pay for necessary therapy without depleting your funds.

7. Coverage for Accidental Death Benefit

Accidents can occur at any time, and they can result in death or dismemberment. As a result, term insurance can be used to supplement your coverage. This protects your family's financial future in the event of an unprecedented death or dismemberment. This rider can be added to your term insurance policy to give additional benefits or coverage in the event of an accident resulting in death or dismemberment. You can add an accidental death rider to your term insurance policy when you acquire it or later if you want to reap the advantages of it. Before you include multiple riders in a term insurance plan, you must also grasp the coverage benefits of each one. Riders are not mandatory and available at an additional cost.

8. Premium Option Returns

In the case of the life insured's untimely death, a pure term insurance plan only offers life coverage to the beneficiary. It has no advantage when it comes to maturity. However, if you choose the return of premium term plan, you will receive a maturity benefit. This choice will require you to pay higher premiums, but if you survive the insurance term, you will receive a refund of all premiums paid. However, any taxes, levies, rider premium, or modal amount paid on the premium will not be included in the total premium amount to be returned.

Cons of Term Insurance

In India, the disadvantages of a term insurance plan are as follows :

  • No Return on Investment: Basic term insurance, unlike other investment plans, does not provide a return on investment over your lifetime. Providing financial security to your family after your death may be the only advantage you can expect.
  • Buying a term plan later in life: Buying a term plan later in life means paying a greater premium for a bigger sum assured, which is unaffordable for most people. Some people may need a substantial sum assured but cannot afford a higher premium. In such circumstances, the individual is required to either take on additional debt to pay a premium that is higher than his budgeted amount or compromise the sum assured.
  • No financial support if you are still alive: The biggest disadvantage of the term plan is that it does not provide financial support if you are still alive. If you are still living, you cannot anticipate financial assistance from your term plan, especially if you want to take a portion of the money or obtain any other form of return provided by a different type of insurance plan
  • There is no wealth creation: If your goal is to build money by paying a premium for a term plan, you will be disappointed. This is one of the disadvantages of term insurance plans.
  • Term plans are non-profit plans: They may only need you to pay the premium until the term plan matures or the policyholder passes away, the money promised is then distributed to the policyholder's family or nominee.
  • No Cash Value: The term plan will never provide any monetary value. The money you pay for the premium is paid, and there is no way to get it back in cash.

The advantages and cons of term insurance plans listed above may have provided you some insight. However, in the event of an unforeseen event, such a plan will undoubtedly be of great assistance to your family. As a result, consider the maximum benefits you will receive from the term plan rather than the disadvantages, and make your purchasing decision as soon as possible. Term insurance plans are one of the most cost-effective life insurance options on the market. The primary goal of purchasing term insurance is to offer coverage during the years in which the insured has any financial obligations. The term plan is excellent for people who want to protect themselves and their families from financial obligations such as home loans and other debts.

Don't rush while choosing a term insurance plan; take your time and find one that meets your needs. In addition, examine the financial liabilities before making a final selection. When you compare your costs to your savings, you'll see where you might be falling short. Choose a term plan that successfully bridges the gap between savings and expenses while being affordable.


The article is meant to be general and informative in nature and should not be construed as solicitation material. Please read the related product brochures for exclusions, terms and conditions, warranties, etc. carefully before concluding a sale.
Make responsible financial decisions. Consult with your financial advisor before making any decisions on insurance purchase.

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  • Multiple income options
  • Option to receive tax free income beginning from the second policy year itself
  • Option to get lifelong income along with life cover till 100 years of age

Bharti AXA Life Shining Stars

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Bharti AXA Life Super Series

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  • Range of investment duration and returns
  • Guaranteed money back benefits (provided policy is in force and all due premiums have been paid)
  • Income tax benefits (as prevailing tax laws in India that are subject to changes)