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8 Tips to Help Bolster Personality Development in Children

8 Tips to Help Bolster Personality Development in Children

Children are not anything like adults. They go through various altering stages of emotional and social growth on their way to becoming adults. If parents understand it in the earlier years, there is less pressure on both parents and children. Personality development in children is necessary to become strong enough to face whatever life throws at their way. Family and social life can be more enjoyable and successful if parents consider a child’s personality development.

Developing a child’s personality is essential in today’s competitive world. A developed personality is definitely the key to success (the lives of several successful people will tell you that). Though developing personality in children is a slow and steady process yet, with proper patience, parents can achieve it. Read on to know tips about how you can help your child to develop personality.

Child Personality Development

Personality development refers to a process of grooming and enhancing a child’s personality. The grooming is in such a way to bring some positive changes in their life which helps make them a better person. The way a child’s brain determines their beliefs, values, emotions, and thoughts is, in a nutshell, their personality. The final result depends on the quality of people they surround themselves with, even though genetics play a significant role. And, the quality of a child’s experiences in the first few years of life shapes most of their personality.

There are many sides to a child’s personality. The integral parts are confidence, courage, self-esteem, and treating and respecting others well. You can see your child’s personality developing mainly between the ages of three to six. It is the right time to instil some values and practices that groom them into positive individuals.

Why is it Important for Your Child to Develop Personality?

It is essential to train your child to develop their personality, as it changes the way the child behaves, deals with, or accepts a situation or life itself. And you as a parent must also like to see a good personality in your child.

Here are some of the benefits of having developed personality in children :

  • A child can stay socially appealing.
  • They can interact with people in a better matter.
  • It helps them to handle situations with great ease.
  • Increased motivation and focus.
  • A sense of honesty in everything they do
  • A child would have a positive approach towards every situation in life.
  • It helps them handle stress confidently.
  • A child would have better communication skills.
  • They can become capable of impressing others with their personality.

Few parents still follow a lot of myths when it comes to personality development. Some may consider good looks, dressing, health, and education of their child as the only features of a good personality. These are not enough to help your child while facing the challenges of life. A child always needs a positive attitude, knowledge, interest, and interaction skills to handle challenging situations.

Tips to Augment Personality Development in Children

When it comes to personality development, you can find plenty of advice from different sources. But you must adopt them cautiously as it is going to define the personality of your child. Given below are eight tips to help your child to develop personality.

Restrict Screen Time

In this age of technological dependency, it is hard to keep kids away from smartphones, computers and televisions. Some children become addict to such gadgets. It serves as a reason for detachment with the surrounding people and nature. Also, the natural flow of emotional and social parameters might get hindered as well.

It is vital to let them interact with people around them so that their character can experience the right social and emotional blossoming. After all, social and emotional exposure is crucial to the overall personality development of children.

Motivate Children to Develop Positives Qualities

Every child has some good and bad qualities. The personality development should not only focus on correcting every misbehaviour. Instead, it should be on encouraging every positive aspect to outshine the negative ones. One must understand that no one is perfect. Hence, turning someone to have no flaws is an unachievable feat. What you can do is strengthen their positive traits so that the positivity in their character emerges the brightest.

Engage them in Sports

Sports encourage teamwork in children while keeping them fit and healthy. It is a good idea to get your child interested in any form of sport. It teaches them the importance of sportsmanship and respecting and following rules and regulations. In addition to health benefits, playing sport also grows a sense of discipline and willingness to work hard.

Encourage Independence

Parents of toddlers usually assist the child with all their work. It is okay initially when they are incapable but not recommended when they do know how to do things. This constant interference from parents stops the development of any individuality or independence. While it is important to be caring and nurturing, it is also essential to teach kids to manage their simple responsibilities independently. Some beginner-level responsibilities include packing the schoolbag, brushing teeth, doing homework, etc. You can encourage your child to become independent while requiring minimal supervision. It not only trains children in essential life skills but also improves their sense of responsibility.

Find Your Loopholes and Work on Them

Parents can conduct a thorough self-review to realize the shortcomings that might impact their kids in specific ways. For example, if you have a tendency to get angry quickly, your kids might never learn to have patience. And patience is one of the elementary qualities required for solid character development. Hence, work on your loopholes and correct them as you help your kids grow into resilient, empathetic, sober, and kind individuals.

Constructive Punishments

We know that parenting is not easy. Sometimes to teach your kids the difference between good and evil and correct them, you might have to take strict measures at times. But it is crucial to see that you take actions that help them grow and realize the difference between right and wrong. Being too harsh or violent on the little ones can never help as hostile behaviour only pushes them to become adamant in their choices.

Don’t Ignore the Weaknesses of Your Child

Don’t make your children suffer just to fulfil your unfulfilled wishes or to try achieving your unfinished desires. Some people make children pursue some unlikeable and unwanted races in life for which the children don’t have any interest. Instead, give them the freedom to select options that they enjoy doing. It is ideal to not over-expect from your children and thus force them to become an all-rounder. Instead of overburdening your children, try to make the whole personality development process such a fun task for them.

Be a Good Role Model for Your Children

Most of the time, a child is the spitting image of the parents in appearance and especially in behaviour. Parents’ attitudes, actions, and specific acts significantly influence children. Children imitate their parents a lot, and hence parents need to behave well at all times. Parents must be cautious while expressing their behaviour and temperaments in front of children. Parents have the most influence on their children. Hence, be a reflection of the character traits that you wish to install in your kids.


Do remember that personality development is a continuous process in which you may experience some temporary setbacks. A consistent effort towards inculcating positive values, behaviour, and attitudes is sure to pay off. Especially in the long run when you feel the satisfaction of nurturing a humble human being.


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