10 Smart Mantras for Your Child

10 Smart Mantras for Your Child

Positive affirmations are a great method to instill important rules in your life. It helps more if you adopt such mantras even while you are a kid. If you are a parent, it is good to train your child to follow some mantras for kids. Training from a very young age will help develop character and a positive attitude in life. It will, in turn, help them to become more successful in whatever fields of education or career they choose. Here we will briefly discuss ten such mantras for kids.

Importance of Mantras for Kids

We all know the impact of thoughts on our character as a whole. Amy Lee Coy shows us the influence that our thoughts have on our character. Her famous quote roughly translates into, “Thoughts become words, Words become actions, Actions become habits, Habits become character.” Even psychologically, it is proven that thoughts are impactful. By thinking, we are giving birth to matter in the form of human memory. These memories have a very strong force. When we repeat things over and over again in our minds, we start to attract things into our lives.

Mantras or positive affirmations are a type of thoughts that we are trying to inscribe in our memories. With constant repetition, not only are we sending energies into the universe we are also modifying how we think. Mantras affect our minds more than anything else. By constantly repeating these affirmations to ourselves, we transform them into reality. We can make our reality in this way.

By developing the habit of having and repeating mantras in your child, you can get assured results. Affirmations create a different mindset—a mindset based on your own creation. Usually, what happens in the case of children is that whenever elders notice any negatives in their behavior, they point it out. When several people point out these flaws unanimously, the kid starts to believe that it is true even if it is not. It is because they keep on thinking about the things others say. With mantras for kids, they can decide whatever they want to be. They can make their mind think that they have already become the person they wish to become.

Mantras are a great tool that assists in personality development. Your child can succeed in every life situation with a positive character developed from positive affirmations. No matter how big the obstacle, you won’t have to worry that your child will ever give up. There are several great mantras for kids that you can teach your child.

The Ultimate 10 Smart Mantras for Your Kids

Several sources will suggest different mantras for kids when it comes to personality development. But some of the main themes these mantras must include are confidence, generosity, patience, willpower, honesty, and empathy. By assuring that the mantras your child learns all these moral values, you can transform them into people who care for themselves and others. Given below are the ten smart mantras for kids that you must look into for great character development.

Mantra #1: I have confidence in myself

Being confident is one of the most necessary traits of a good personality. People, especially children, often face doubt because of the opinions of the people around them. If they develop a sense of confidence in the things they decide or do, they will become able to make more tough decisions for themselves and their loved ones. A confidence boost is the only thing that most people lack to succeed in life. Having no faith in oneself or their own decisions makes one an easy target to lose in the face of adversity.

Mantra #2: I will not waste time

It is seen that people often waste time on social media or by being lazy instead of completing other work. This unrecognition of time’s value is harmful and makes people lag and compromise on the work at hand. What children need to learn from this is that time is money. With the constant recitation of this mantra to oneself, children can understand the importance that time holds. It will prevent them from wasting time and developing habits of time management.

Mantra #3: My health comes first

Working through mental and physical fatigue is the main reason why people often require extra medical attention in the later stages of life. There have also been cases of short-term and visible effects such as a breakdown at a young age. Working without taking care of one’s health is the common reason for this breakdown besides food and excursion-related instabilities. People must realize from a young age that health comes first. Only when they have and maintain good health can they complete their responsibilities.

Mantra #4: I will not be afraid of obstacles in life

Obstacles will come before every person in one or the other stages of their lives. These obstacles can also occur during studies and employment. So, children can prepare themselves beforehand to face these inevitable obstacles. With the affirmation of one of the important mantras for kids, children can mentally prepare themselves for any obstacles.

Mantra #5: I will strive to be independent

Not depending on anyone for small chores in the early stages of life in children is a good habit. When they grow up, it teaches the important fact that you can only fully depend on yourself and no one else. It also develops in them a sense of craving for financial independence. When it comes to financial independence, young adults often choose different savings and investment methods. These financial instruments include insurance, fixed deposits, national savings schemes, equity, bonds, mutual funds, etc.

Insurance schemes serve as one of the best sources to become financially independent. They offer life/health coverage, investment benefits, tax savings, and other useful advantages.

Mantra #6: Family is my wealth

While some people consider having a lot of money as wealth, they all realize in the later stages of life that family is only the one true wealth. If children recite this mantra while understanding its importance, they will work hard to build family relations. They will start to understand how loving parents, siblings, and relatives are necessary. By being close to family, they won’t have to rely on other sources in times of trouble.

Nowadays, people tend to move further from family and give more importance to artificial relations like friendships. Even though friendships are necessary for a good social life, it is never equal to family. There is no extent to the love and care you can receive from a family that is not seen in any other relationship.

Mantra #7: I will have respect and empathy for everyone

Treating people with respect and having empathy for them is critical in leading a life in a community. By giving respect to people around them, one can only raise the respect others have for them. As the old saying goes, “Give respect. Take respect”. So, it is a two-way street. Respecting other people’s opinions while interacting will help you in the long run. It will also reduce the strain in your mind, helping you maintain calm during verbal disputes.

On the other hand, empathy is an emotion that allows you to think for others rather than just yourself. It means showing kindness to people and understanding their situation. Empathy makes you open-minded enough to help others whenever they require it voluntarily. Empathy begins with you, and when you start showing empathy, people around you will be motivated to do the same. And it will, in turn, make the world a better place to live in by increasing the number of considerate people.

Mantra #8: I accept everyone’s individuality

Another good mantra for kids includes teaching them about every person’s individuality. Every person is unique in their own way, and they have the freedom to express themselves. By having an open mind about the concept of individuality, people can help themselves to be less offended in some scenarios. Children should learn from a young age to understand that everyone has their own opinions.

Mantra #9: I will become a contributor to the society

Contributor personality development has become the need of the hour. Children need to learn that they must become active contributors to society. With this mantra, they will become more adamant about taking a stand and acting in the matters that affect society. Contributors help in the implementation of the collective good and growth of people. The community will benefit when there are more people ready and willing to take part in the good of the community.

Mantra #10: I am one with nature

Children need to learn from a young age that humans are not the owners of the world but rather a part of it. The same empathy we show towards people should extend further to flora and fauna. Humans rely greatly on nature. Everything that they eat or drink comes from nature. So, it is unwise to take nature for granted. With this mantra, kids learn that humans hold a very small and insignificant position in comparison to the vast power of nature. And by accepting this fact, they will look forward to more nature-friendly ways to live in harmony with their surroundings.

Important Points to Remember

  • Age-Appropriate Language: Tailor these mantras to your child's age and understanding. Use simple language and relatable examples.
  • Action Speaks Louder Than Words: Lead by example. Demonstrate the values you want your child to embrace in your behavior.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Celebrate your child's efforts and progress in adopting these mantras.
  • Open Communication: Create a safe space for open communication where your child feels comfortable expressing their feelings and challenges.
  • Make it Fun!: Integrate these mantras into daily activities, and bedtime stories, or even create a family chant to make them more engaging and memorable.


Now that you know some good mantras that are helpful in reassuring good habits in children, you must use them. These will be helpful not only in making them good sociable humans but also good children who take care of their parents. Thus, you will be benefiting yourself and society by contributing well-mannered individuals to it.


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